Electronic Design for your next big thing.


Every technology decision is a business decision.

Help us understand your venture by telling us your customer’s story. We can help you optimize your system design to satisfy your market and your business plan. Then, we will estimate the cost to manufacture your product before you invest your capital into design. 

This process is creative. And fun. And free.


Liberate Electronic Design is your bolt-on, auxiliary Engineering Department, providing circuit design, PCB layout, and 3D modeling to transform your idea into a manufacturable product. Our unique methodology includes:

  • Agile Hardware Design – Fixed price quotes for short design sprints with physical hardware concluding each design sprint.
  • Design for Manufacturability – With our intimate knowledge of manufacturing practices, we can design your electronics for low manufacturing cost and high yield.
  • Design Data Management – We run product lifecycle management software on behalf of our customers to track the design history and lock-down changes and approved suppliers.


Surface-mount assembly, through-hole assembly, and final assembly (box build) by a skilled team dedicated to your success. Our assembly facility is located in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.


Launch New Products

Your time is limited to seize market share with new technology. With over 40 years of combined experience in electronic product development, our engineering staff can guide you quickly along the journey to functional production-ready hardware.


Update Existing Products

Maybe you need to expand a product, make a few changes and updates to an existing product or re-create a product from an idea.


Expand Manufacturing

Demand for your product has exceeded your available production capacity. Your current manufacturing can’t keep up with demand so you need to have someone who can take care of it and expand for demand. You need to on-board a new supplier quickly.


Re-Shore Products

You would like to work with a manufacturer who speaks your language and lives in (or near) your time zone but you can’t afford to double — or more — your manufacturing costs.

As the owner or C-Suite executive of a growing business, you have your hands full taking care of your customers and managing day-to-day operations. You’re creative and your head is exploding with ideas about new ventures and opportunities or recreating existing products. You have little time left in your 60-hour work week to develop these ideas. Liberate Electronic Design is your bolt-on, auxiliary Engineering Department, giving your business the explosive charge needed to achieve your goals.

We understand business and think strategically with you while we are developing solutions and executing low-level tasks to convert your ideas into physical hardware. Our methods are unique from other manufacturing companies in that Liberate Electronics works from back first, starting at the end result of the completed design features rather than the beginning. We then move forward to the process of creating the product design, utilizing our time and brain power to figure out what your system architecture needs to be. This method allows us to create a better product and determine circuit board costs with more accuracy, creating a solution while addressing all of the requirements.

Liberate Electronics is the hub to address all your needs and optimize the system to make it all work together. Not many design companies use this type of creative view. And best of all, the above is done free of charge to you!

Tell us your story!


When we started working with Nathan and the team on their FishBit product, their technology was functional in the lab, but not as a finished product. We designed the electronics for their marine aquarium monitor and smart power controller resulting in a successful beta launch and kickstarter campaign.

Liberate has been very helpful during the lifetime of bringing our product to market. From help with layout and design to the ability to work in small test runs, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without Scott and his team. Working with Liberate has been an excellent experience. More than just a partner, Liberate feels like an extension of our team.”

Nathan Levine

Nathan Levine, FishBit CoFounder