I believe in the power of entrepreneurship to change your destiny.

In 2010, I went into business as a printed circuit board designer and manufacturer, hand-soldering PCB assemblies in my basement for a local boutique guitar effects company. We bootstrapped the business from practically nothing—a $150 soldering iron, an assortment of hand tools, and some free PCB design software. Rolling our profits back into the business, we transitioned within two years from hand-built circuit boards to a fully-automated surface mount and through-hole assembly process and played a small but significant role in this customer’s rapid growth trajectory. Since then, we have broadened our customer base across numerous consumer and industrial markets and have added manufacturing capacity and process capability, deployed EDA, PLM and MRP software systems, and increased depth in our engineering department, culminating in a move to a 12,000 square foot facility near downtown Kansas City in the spring of 2018.

Along the way, I discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and for American manufacturing. Entrepreneurs are courageous pioneers, risk-takers, and believers in the possible. You’ve started a business because you have a solution to fix something broken in your world and you will stop at nothing until you achieve your goal. You are building a tribe of people passionately committed to your cause as well as a team of professionals working to help you achieve success.

In 2015, we changed our name to Liberate Electronic Design to encapsulate this passion to launch our clients into a new and exciting future. Now in our tenth year, we have teamed-up with our clients on the development of numerous new products and ventures, all supported by close and open communication, and creative and conscientious design grounded in solid business, engineering and manufacturing fundamentals. Liberate Electronic Design exists to lift your design ideas, your enterprise, and your aspirations for the future over whatever engineering and manufacturing obstacles you’re facing today. How can we help?

— Scott Warren

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